"I attended your First Aid Course in May 2019 at Pittodrie, I am coach of Stoneywood School team. Prior to doing the course I thought it was just one of those things that just “had to be done” and a waste of time. The course was excellent and it made you think about what could actually happen in the “real world” if you had an emergency. I just wanted to say thank you so much on behalf of me, my son and the rest of Gail’s family for showing me how to do CPR. I am not sure how well I did it, but the doctors said if I didn’t do it, Gail could be a lot worse or may not even be here today. I just can’t stress how much I am thankful that I went on that course. I really believe that the way you engaged us all in the course made us pay more attention to maybe somebody who didn’t engage the class. I honestly believe that the way you taught the course helped saved my wives life, and made sure my son (7) still has a mum to grow up with , for which I will forever be grateful Thanks again Mike

“Why didn’t I do something to help? That’s the question you’ll ask yourself over and over….. The most likely answer is “I didn’t know how”

I had to use my CPR training to resuscitate a friend and work colleague and without my training I’d still be asking myself why didn’t I do something.

We have used SMG SAFETY for a number of years and have seen a great improvement on the delivery of courses - this is by far the most worth while 18 hours of training I’ve had”

Richard Begbie- Health & Safety Director ,Scotia Homes, Ellon